Ruslan Spivak wrote:

>> The action.render() call causes a component lookup error:
>> <snip>
>> Module formlibexample.browser, line 89, in renderActions
>>     result.append(action.render())
>>   Module zope.formlib.namedtemplate, line 61, in __get__
>>     return component.getAdapter(instance, INamedTemplate, self.__name__)
>>   Module zope.component, line 141, in getAdapter
>>     raise ComponentLookupError(object, interface, name)
>> ComponentLookupError: (<zope.formlib.form.Action object at 0xb01acb6c>,
>> <InterfaceClass zope.formlib.namedtemplate.INamedTemplate>, 'render')
>Looks like you didn't include `formlib` package into package-includes.

(Hmm, thought that I had posted this to the list, when I found out the
next day..)

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