On Sep 28, 2005, at 7:03 AM, James Allwyn wrote:

Hello list,

A small 'conceptual' question...

Both Stephan and Philipp's books recommend using principal metadata to
store users' email addresses etc. If I intend to use the email
addresses (and other contact information I want to store for the user)
within the application (i.e., other objects will want to present it on
screen), has it crossed the border from metadata to data, and would it
consequently make sense to define principals with these attributes

The distinction between data and metadata depends on the perspective from which you define your object's core contract.

That sentence may or may not have made sense. :-)  More concretely:

In Zope 3, a 'principal' is (currently) defined primarily from the perspective of security. From that perspective, email is metadata. I'd leave it as metadata, myself.

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