Hello yall,

I'm a python guy who wanted to provide an interface for some baseball-related code to the web, so I naturally turned to Zope.  I fumbled around for a while, but Philipp and Stephan's books got me on the right track.

Philipp's book has been wonderful for learning Zope from scratch, I've read and re-read the first fourteen chapters (ie, everything but "Expert" stuff).  In doing so, I created my own "worldcookery-esque" content management system.

However, there are two significant holes in my knowledge that I want to address: 1) integrating buttons to run "controller" style scripts to tabulate and display statistics about multiple content objects, and 2) displaying nested content objects.

For those of yall familiar with the worldcookery scheme, I wanted to do something along the lines of a "Christmas Dinner".  This would be a  new content object, RecipeContainer, which contains the "turkey" recipe, the "sweet potato" recipe, and the "cornbread" recipe content objects.  You would have a page template for displaying all the recipe content objects on a single page (preferably with minimize/maximize capabilities), an add/remove dialog for existing recipes in the database, and a button for accessing an external python script to compile and display statistics (like what would be the total time to prepare all dishes).

In other words, a user might decide to also cook cornbread for Christmas dinner.  Thus, the user would add a recipe for cornbread in the regular Add Recipe view.  The user would then go to the ChristmasDinner RecipeContainer content object where they would select the cornbread recipe object from a dialog containing a list of possible recipes.  The user would then press a button to access an external python script which would calculate the expected time that cooking Christmas dinner with cornbread in addition to the turkey and sweet potato.  This expected time (and other statistics) would be displayed on the ChristmasDinner view along with the recipes.

Right now, I'm looking at Stephan's book and the messageboard scheme to get ideas (ie, message content objects inside the messageboard), but I wanted to get input from yall about the best ways to do this.  I realize this will probably seem obvious, but I am a true beginner in the scheme of things, and I'm hoping that my experience might help extend the worldcookery teaching paradigm.

Many thanks, and go Zope 3!

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