On Oct 3, 2005, at 2:32 AM, Joel Moxley wrote:

I apologize for my replying to self, but I was re-reading Stephan's
and then Philipp's book and realized that one portion of my email has
been answered.  Thus, I'm hoping to clarify my question to the list.

Looking at the messageboard content class, I then did a grep on
Philipp's worldcookery examples directory for btree -- sure enough,
the last chapter before Expert level (14, aptly titled "Containers"),
addresses RecipeFolders (what I had called RecipeContainers).  It must
have been late when I read that chapter because it did not reach to
proper location in my memory :)

Bottom line, I will re-summarize my original question below with this
information in mind:

* RecipeFolder Views.  In a RecipeFolder page template file, how would
you view both parameters on the parent RecipeFolder as well as
specific child Recipes within the container?

Folders have a dict API. If you are talking about a view of your recipe folder, then, for instance, you could do a .values() call on the recipe folder (maybe "tal:repeat recipe context/values" in the template or "for recipe in self.context.values():" in the view class) and then for each recipe render what you want.

If you wanted to pick and choose, hardcoded within a template, you could specify a recipe by name (a la "context/key_of_recipe" in the template or "self.context['key_of_recipe']" in the view class). If you want to do something trickier, just do it in the view class, using the dict API.

* RecipeFolder Controllers.  How would you access an external python
method for compiling statistics on this container and then update the

You would typically do that in your view class, where it's just an import away. Does that make sense? If not, maybe more details (from you, about what you need) are in order. Since you have done your homework on the books, I'm guessing view classes make sense, but if not, ask away. :-)

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