On Monday 03 October 2005 13:31, James Allwyn wrote:
> > You could do it directly. In fact, you could even have 'members' as
> > regular content objects in the site and write an authentication
> > utility which looks up those members and builds a security Principal
> > object off of that. I believe this is what Schoolbell does.
> This sounds interesting - are you suggesting building a Principal
> object 'on the fly' when someone logs in (and throwing it away when
> they log out again)? What would be the advantages of having them as a
> regular content object, rather than working with Principals?

Principals are always created for every request. Their basic info in the 
principal folder is stored in PrincipalInfo objects. So you could imagine 
writing your own "principal folder" that gets the info from the content type. 
And yes, SchoolTool does that.

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