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I am currently thinking about for a new version of PloneCollectorNG based on Zope 3. The currently implementation uses per-instances schemas (acquired from a parent object managing the schema). How would you do that in Zope 3?

I'm not sure what "that" is.  Surely PloneCollectorNG schemas are different
from Zope 3 schemas.  What is the important property of these schemas that
you want to retain?

- Is it important that the schemas be through-the-web?

- Is it important that the schemas be interfaces?  How
  are you using the schemas?  For example, do you want
  to do component dispatch on the schemas?

Another question: in Zope 3 we have FieldProperties that automatically handle setting and getting values. This implementation stores the values as instance attributes. What would be the recommended way to store attributes in a RDBMS instead inside the ZODB? By introducing a new RDBMSFieldProperty that handles the set/get methods in the same way as the FieldProperty implementation?

Possibly.  It depends on the RDBMS integration strategy.  If you
were using Ape, you'd probably use the existing field storage.


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