On Oct 6, 2005, at 11:42 PM, Nicolas Legault wrote:

I need to create object in Zope3 like clicking in the Add section and
filling the "Add form" via a python script that will be called from the command line. This script will add many or remove instance of different
object in Zope3

Up to day I've not come to understand a way to do this.

Is there any information about a way to do this ?

There are a couple of ways to approach this, depending on your needs. I'm assuming that Zope needs to be serving to other users at the same time, in a more typical client-server role.

One approach is to run Zope 3 with ZEO, and write a script that connects to the database via ZEO and modifies the database as you need. This bypasses security, and requires that the script have access to the (sensitive) ZEO port of your Zope.

Another approach would be to have a view--XML-RPC, maybe. Have the script make a request with authentication and the necessary information to create your object, then have your view do the work.

If I'm not guessing your needs correctly, you'll need to specify a bit more.

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