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> On 10/6/05, Chris Leonello <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Stack size doesn't seem to be the issue.  The HP box is set
> > to 31116 Kb.  The recommendation on early releases of Mac
> > OS X was 4096 Kb.  Good idea though!
> >
> > Does anyone have any ideas on why the unittest would fail?
> > Specifically, the testLargeBody method in test_httpserver.py?
> > it calls a method "loop":
> >
> > def loop(self):
> >     self.thread_started.set()
> >     while self.run_loop:
> >         self.counter = self.counter + 1
> >         #print 'loop', self.counter
> >         poll(0.1)
> >
> > which loops forever.  Why would this happen on HP-UX and
> > not on other systems?  I'm not to familiar with socket
> > programming and the poll() call.  Is there some peculiarity
> > with the underlying poll() and select() calls on HP-UX
> > that I have to make adjustments for?
> >
> > I really appreciate any tips or insight!
> Where did you get the python you are using on HP-UX from? Did you
> build it yourself? I believe you also said you were using python
> 2.3.<something>. Does Zope 3 require python 2.4?

I built and am running 2.3.5.  I've built 2.4.1 and 2.4.2 and had
very similar problems.  From the docs, 2.3.5 (or greater) is required.
Note that 1 python test fails on all the builds, test_pty.  It looks
like Z3 comes with it's own pty module, however.  32 tests are
skipped, I don't know if they are significant.

> Also, how current is your system on HP-UX quality pack bundles? You
> said you are running 11.0, which while supported, is a bit long in the
> tooth.

True!  I have no control over this, however.  If I can pin down what
the problem is and what updates are needed to fix it, I can work
with my IT department to patch the system (Ughhh!)

Another approach I can take it to track what happens when the server
gets an http request.  Could someone point me to the right place in
the source code to track an http request?  

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