> > I've tried making the poll demo as described in widgets.txt to get the
> > hang of this, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work.
> I never actually used that one. I used the example in objectwidget.txt,
> and it came out fine for me...
> > I'm pretty sure I've copied and pasted all the sections of the demo
> > from the widgets.txt file into the right files, but I could have done
> > something else stupid. Or is there something genuinely amiss with the
> > demo?
> >
> > Any thoughts?
> I have no experience with that demo... Looks like it was added updated
> 7 months ago by Roger Ineichen and hasn't been edited/updated since.
> Perhaps he can provide feedback?
> As for the objectwidget, I'd recommend giving that one a whirl, and it
> proved a source of functional inspiration for the code I ended up
> writing (which worked).

Thanks for the help so far...

I've run through the objectwidget demo, which works well at the python
prompt. It's helped me get a few things straight in my head, but it
hasn't got me any further with constructing a compound widget that I
could call from schemas. Roger's demo looks as if it would do exactly
that if I could get it running, so any feedback from anyone who's had
success or otherwise with it would be greatly appreciated.

My angle of attack has been to try and deal with this in two stages:

1. Create a ContactDatum element, which comprises a TextLine, a Choice
and a Bool. (For simplicity I've been trying 2xTextLine and 1xBool,
with the intention of swapping outone of the TextLines for a Choice
once I've got it working).
2. Create a ContactData element, which comprises any number of
ContactDatum elements. Something like List, with value_type =

Unfortunately, I'm falling at the first stage - I cannot create a
ContactDatum that will let itself be called in schemas.

Any further pointers or comments on my approach would be very welcome.

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