> > Sorry, but it does not solve.
> > I checked your code, and indeed I implemented the same way.
> > Indeed, my code works if I make it generate arbitrary names.
> >
> > It just does not work if I try to name a new object after one of its
> > attributes because:
> > - the attribute value is not set at the time the object is created
> > - I cannot have the add menu ask for it before actually adding (this
> > is what set_before_add should be meant for, I suppose)
> >
> > Just for info, I'm using Zope 3.1.
> >
> > I'm open to any other suggestion as to how have my contained objects
> > (books) be added with thei ISBN code as name in their container.

> Is there a reason you need the field to be 'id' instead of 'isbn'?

Absolutely none.

I'm tracking the problem. Seems to be related to the fact that addforms
don't get displayed anymore.


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