> > I checked your code, and indeed I implemented the same way.
> > Indeed, my code works if I make it generate arbitrary names.
> > 
> > It just does not work if I try to name a new object after one of its
> > attributes because:
> > - the attribute value is not set at the time the object is created
> > - I cannot have the add menu ask for it before actually 
> adding (this 
> > is what set_before_add should be meant for, I suppose)

> > I'm open to any other suggestion as to how have my contained objects
> > (books) be added with thei ISBN code as name in their container.

I found out what has been happening:

for some reason, the browser:addMenuItem was lacking the view element, so
the addform was not called.
Without the addform, it is not possible the fill all the attribute of the
object istantiated, so I got
the error about the name being void.

My fault, by all means.
Thanks for your support: learning Zope3 is tough, and while reading all
that's available we're still stumbling against many walls. The help of this
list is invaluable.

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