Hi all,

I'm wondering if there is any site yet that houses a collection of
Zope 3 recipes? I often see the same problems come up over and over
again, in terms of simple things people wish to accomplish. Zope 3 is
awesome in terms of providing tools to accomplish these things, but to
many of us just getting started with it, the range and breadth of
these tools is sometimes a little intimidating, and as many of us come
from a Zope 2 background, can be quite bewildering.
In terms of common tasks, things such as:
-Storing additional data about users.
-Creating your own types of users.
-Creating a new skin for your site, without overriding the ZMI for management.
-Programmatically authenticating users.

I've run into all of these myself, and while the answers themselves
may be very simple in essence, and may have been presented here many
times, I think a topic-organized repository of such information would
be excellent.

So, does such a site exist? If not, is there interest in one being created?
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