Hi Stéphane,

I have both books, though the article is new to me, and I will
certainly read it.
However, we can't expect our community to rely entirely on these
books, excellent though they are. The code changes, there are things
they don't cover, and not everyone is willing to read(or buy) a book
to discover what should a straightforward answer.
If there isn't something already, I can probably create and host one.
My thoughts were to just use a wiki, but perhaps something custom
would be appropriate (perhaps that can be the first recipe?).


On 10/19/05, Stéphane Brunet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> Presenlty, most of the information is on the zope.org website (
> http://www.zope.org/DevHome/Wikis/DevSite/Projects/ComponentArchitecture/FrontPage
> ). As a starter, may I suggest you these few references :
>  - this zope3 article : http://zissue.berlios.de/z3/Zope3In30Minutes.html
>  - the excellent book of Philipp Von Weitershausen ("Web component
> development with Zope3" Springer Verlag)
>  - the also-excellent book (available online on zope.org) of Stefan
> Richter ("Zope3 developer's book" Sam's ed.)
> A new site for Zope3-related information is presently being developed.
> Regards,
> Stéphane
> Alec Munro wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >
> >I'm wondering if there is any site yet that houses a collection of
> >Zope 3 recipes? I often see the same problems come up over and over
> >again, in terms of simple things people wish to accomplish. Zope 3 is
> >awesome in terms of providing tools to accomplish these things, but to
> >many of us just getting started with it, the range and breadth of
> >these tools is sometimes a little intimidating, and as many of us come
> >from a Zope 2 background, can be quite bewildering.
> >In terms of common tasks, things such as:
> >-Storing additional data about users.
> >-Creating your own types of users.
> >-Creating a new skin for your site, without overriding the ZMI for 
> >management.
> >-Programmatically authenticating users.
> >
> >I've run into all of these myself, and while the answers themselves
> >may be very simple in essence, and may have been presented here many
> >times, I think a topic-organized repository of such information would
> >be excellent.
> >
> >So, does such a site exist? If not, is there interest in one being created?
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