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On Oct 19, 2005, at 12:35 PM, Michel Pelletier wrote:

Note that I would strongly suggest using a relationship framework for this sort of use case. A good API is provided by ``schooltool.relationship`` and is heavily used in the SchoolTool code, so you have many examples.

For a similar relationship library that uses a faster indexing method, and supports multiple relationship store backends (ZODB, sleepycat, SQLObject, redland, cwm, 4Thought), supports W3C standard relationship interchange formats (RDF/XML, N3), and comes with a standard SQL -like query language (Sparql), see http://rdflib.net. There is a Zope 3 product called Zemantic at codespeak which defines the necessary ZCML to register rdflib classes with Zope 3.

Michael, I've been dying to try this out, but I wanted to wait for z3.1 compat. I haven't seen anything on the maillist since July -- what's the status?

The Zemantic trunk on codespeak is 3.1 compatible, and represents the latest version. I should shore it up, add some docs, and make a new release. I'm going on vacation next week, I'll see what I can do afer that. After some good discussion with Gary Poster over on the dev list, I have a lot of ideas for the next version, but not a lot of time :( The new zemantic.org site has just been brought up, and I've had no time to add content.

What time I do have for Zemantic I have tried to put into rdflib instead, since it is the core library and a higher priority.

The current trunk version of Zemantic is a serious reduction in complexity from the previous versions. For example, it does not come with an "example" content object anymore, because any Zope 3.1 content object that implements IZopeDublinCore and triggers an add object event can be used.

It also does not come with any ZMI interfaces (other than the simple add/remove utility stuff), since I'm just no good at UI and representing a 2 megatriple store in HTML is tricky, I also removed the Java applet visualization stuff because it was turgid and mostly useless (other than the gee-wiz factor). Raphael Ritz had some really amazing ontology visualization in one of his projects. I'd like to adopt something similar to that.

I am tentatively hosting an rdflib/Zemantic sprint in Portland Oregon, possibly in January. The idea so far is that we would try and rent a ski cabin up on mt hood with high speed net and code all week and ski all weekend. I'll make more annoucement about that as I get more commitment from others. I think this might be a good thing for folks interested in RDF and Zope to attend. Hopefully I can scratch up 10-12 people.

This should be an interesting sprint, especially if some of the FourThought guys can come out. I think Zope 2 has missed out on some synergy with them over the years, partly due to Zope 2's high cost of entry for other Python libraries. I'd like to see what Zope 3 and FT stuff can do together.

Last, the FT, cwm, and rdflib developers have been doing some low-level talks on standardizing one RDF store interface that all the tools implement. There is even the possibility that we will all settle on zope.interface and adaptation as the underlying compatibility mechanism. Chimzie from FT and Dan from rdflib have been leading that, and there is more information on that at the new http://rdflib.net site.


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