Johan Carlsson wrote:
Hi all,

I have a schema that defines a tuple field that holds object field
of a specific type.
Now I want to be able to traverse each object in the tuple
by using ./<field_name>/<index>.

From the Zope3 book I've learn how to create a Traverser (by subclassing the ContainerTraverser) but my problem is that the first name
encountered is the field_name, but I can't return the tuple (or)
because it's a simple object not aware of location (that would be
fixable I guess, I've seen a LocationProxy somewhere).
Instead I return the context, which has the effect that the
Traverser gets called again (with the index), but I can't figure
out how to save the state, that the <field_name> has already been
traverser, so I'd know that the index should be look up on the field_name.

Are there anyway to know which part of the URL that has been traverse,
or to traverse ahead in the first call to the Traverser?

Any advice on this problem?

Yes (found it, after I though of revisit the Life of a Request).

The request object uses to attribute to track the traversal
(well three actually (_last_obj_traversed too), but who's counting ;-)

request._traversal_stack, that holds the names to be traversed (reversed)
request._traversed_names, that holds the names that have been (or is being) traversed (current name is last).

That means I can just pop the last item in _traversal_stack and
push it on to _traversed_names, use it to locate my object in
the tuple and return it to the called :-)

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