Hi Jean,

The Zope 3 documentation page is at:


You can access a PDF of Stephan's "Zope 3 Book" there, as well as an
introductory tutorial from Jim.

You could also check out this blog post that points in the direction
of a number of beginners tutorials:


Most of those should give you an overview of what ZCML is - in short
it's the configuration language for Zope 3, and it's a flavour of XML.

As well as Stephan's book, there's currently one other Z3 book in
print - Web Component Development in Zope 3 by Philipp von
Weitershausen. I've found they complement each other quite well.

Hope that helps,

> Hello,
>   I'm a new user of zope 3. What is the zcml? Where can I find
> documentation about zope 3? Is there already some books?
> Best regards.
> Jean Tinguely.
> Stephan Richter a écrit :
> >On Thursday 27 October 2005 08:34, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> >
> >
> >>>   How to add self made products in ZOPE 3?
> >>>
> >>>
> >
> >First I'll note that the Zope 2 products do not work in Zope 3. Secondly, 
> >they
> >are not called products anymore; they are just Python packages.
> >
> >Now, you can add any Python package you want anywhere you like, as long as it
> >is in the Python path. In order to hook up the ZCML to the startup process,
> >please look at packages like zope.app.preference to see how they implemented
> >it; the files you are interested in are SETUP.cfg and
> >preference-configure.zcml.
> >
> >Regards,
> >Stephan
> >
> >
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