On 10/27/05, Julien Anguenot <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> We did think hard on browser issues (especially IE ones) avoiding to
> require the XML processing header for PT XML processing using a new 'IE
> problem aware' sniffer that detects a PT as an XML document with
> different approaches. I think, it was the only serious thread related to
> browser compatibility around this work.

Julien and I are in agreement on this point.  What we haven't done
that needs to be done, at least in terms of getting community
approval, is making sure this is acceptable for the Zope 2 community,
where the hope is that the Zope 3 page templates implementation will
be used for Zope 2.10 as well.  The Zope 2 community may remain more
interested in the SGML-based HTML markup.  The proposal has not been
presented in the Zope 2 community at all.

> The more controversial point is the deprecation of HTML 4 as *input* for
> PT. xhtml will be required so that we can avoid all this HTML processing
> mess and especially all the iencoding ssues around. It will simplify the
> page template machinery big time and avoid costly internal operations at
> the same time. The compatibility will be kept for 2 major releases (as
> usual)

After talking with Jim, this seems less important, and it also seems
like it is a separate concern from the rest of these changes.  This
could be evaluated as a separate proposal after the implementation of
the rest is complete.

> We're having mostly encoding issues at this time 'cause of the HTML
> processing. I already started to address this problem o

Are there issues remaining there?  Please detail them; I don't know
what they are.

> Fred, what is the status of the bytecode generation ? Is there more that
> only encoding problems left ?

The output still isn't right; most of this is bytecode generation. 
I've not been able to squeeze any time for this in yet.  :-(

> right. I'm fine with this. We will be more on the safe side :)

Same here.  Stability is definately key.


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