Martin Margo wrote:
How do I make <site>/+/AddConferenceGoer.html= publicly available
without being prompted for a password? Is there a configuration file
somewhere I can set this up?

I've ran into this one. The problem is that the '+' view registered by Zope 3 is not allowing access by people who don't have Zope management permission.

Another point: I have tried granting zope.anybody Zope.ManageContent
permission and <site>/+/AddConferenceGoer.html is now available but
the user can manipulate the URL to go in and modify other people's

I don't think this is a very good approach, as you'd give zope.anybody an awful lot of rights all of a sudden.

Anyway, this is how you can register your own adding (+) view for a particular content type:


of course if you make permission 'zope.Public', you'd still be exposing the add view for your particular content type (all the ones that implement ISomeInterface) to the whole world, so be careful not to do this to normal IFolder, for instance, unless you really really want that.

Good luck!


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