Pete Taylor wrote:
hi all,
I have a catalog set up, and i've been able to make text field work on
zmi-added content.  however, what i really want to be able to index
and search is a set of objects that are created and archived
elsewhere.  I've tried to add a field index with the interface set to
the interface that my objects implement, and a field to an attribute
(like 'name') of the object, with no luck.

as a test, i tried to add a field index on IZopeDublinCore and use the
"field_name" as title.  still no luck.

Hi Pete,
And "callable" is off
And tried it and worked for me.

Aren't you seeing the doc. and word counts change in the catalog Advanced page as you add/del. objects?

has anyone else had any experience with making field indexes work?

Thanks as always,
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