At Fri, 28 Oct 2005 20:43:37 +1000,
Simon Hang wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there any document or examples for ZopeDatabaseAdapter?
> I need to do some sql query in my content object.

I don't know tutorials or examples, but you can use it simply like a
python dbi module.

First you need to setup DA and register it as a utility in
sitemanager, then you can get DA using by zapi.getUtility.

DA interface is very similar to python dbi module. I think zope3
becomes easier than zope2 to make rdb application.

from zope.app import zapi
from zope.app.rdb.interfaces import IZopeDatabaseAdapter
from zope.app.rdb import sqlquote
from zope.app.sqlscript.dtml import SQLDTML

class TableView:
    def cursor(self):
        da = zapi.getUtility(IZopeDatabaseAdapter, 'gadfly', self.context)
        con = da()
        return con.cursor()
    def getdata(self):
        cursor = self.cursor()
        cursor.execute('select name from mytable')
        return cursor.fetchall()
    def insertdata(self, name):
        cursor = self.cursor()
        template = SQLDTML('insert into mytable values(<dtml-sqlvar name 

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