Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:
Wade Leftwich wrote:

Stephan Richter wrote:

Why not have those templates on the file system? Is there a need for
users to modify those templates?

Yes, users with the job description "web producers", which is to say
people who can do HTML and a bit of scripting, but who do not get
access to the file system. Kind of like the Zope 2 model. We even use

Also, it seemed to me unwieldy to put 50 directories in the filesystem
to contain the templates for all the sites. But because of my
experience with Zope 2, I assumed TTW was the best way to customize
the application for each site, and I guess I should re-examine that

there is indeed such a category of users, i.e. somewhere between
filesystem developers and application users. There will be support for
this kind of TTW editing in cpsskins (cf Custom Portlet), but it will be
purely limited to "simple" presentation  logic.


the difference with the Zope2 model I think is that "web producers" are
not going to be ZPT programmers, but more like "site composers" with the
ability to do minimal TTW template editing such as shown in the animation.


Yes, that's the kind of user I'm talking about, and the Custom Portlet tool looks really good. Cool animation, too. I've been planning to check out the Z3ECM project, but am trying to get a better grasp of Zope 3 itself first.

-- Wade Leftwich

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