Ross Boylan wrote:
I'd like to create some users, set authentication methods, and so on.
After a lot of fooling around with the GUI and looking at various
docs, I conclude I have no idea what's going on.

To complicate matters, there were some issue with my installation on
Debian (using the package in testing) so that some of the products
aren't available.  I wonder if any of them are key to getting things

Do I need to create something like a Zope 2 user folder?
Are all users defined in the principals file on disk?

I tried installing a Site Manager object.  The Site Management screen
shows a lot of entries (e.g., Authenticator Plugin) that say there are
no entries available yet.  I installed some objects that seemed
related, gave them names, and tried to hook them up with this screen.
The only thing that seems to have worked is the unique id tool.

Hi Ross,

There's a related posting at..

The principal folder plugin provides something equivalent to a zope2 user folder in that you can manage principals from the zmi.

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