sorry for asking it here but sqlos mailing list seems dead.

Has anyone yet tried sqlos with database connections created as local utilities ? At one point sqlos tries to get the utility in connection.py Line 88.

 newconn = zapi.queryUtility(IZopeDatabaseAdapter, name,

The context points to a sqlobject instance. The problem is that these instances seem to have no parent and thus will fail the lookup my local utility and will raise an 'NoneType' object is not callable error later in the code when trying to adapt.

When you try the sqlos example everything is fine, since the database connection is defined in configure.zcml as a global utility.

My current idea is to expose the enclosing folder as a context to query utility. But I don't know if setting references in sqlobject instances is such a great idea.

Thanks for any input,
- Andreas

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