Frank Burkhardt wrote:
> Hi,
> I found a code fragment in an example-application which enables a
> View-Object to render a SourceText using a renderer of the user's choice.
> class ViewClass(object):
>     def render(self):
>         entry_text = zapi.createObject(None,
>                                        self.context.renderer,
>                                        self.context.text)
>         view = zapi.getView(removeAllProxies(entry_text), '', self.request)
>         result = view.render()
> context.renderer contains a token of the 'SourceTypes'-Vocabulary (i.e.
> ''), context.text is the text to be rendered. The 'result' 
> should be some
> kind of html (xhtml preferred :-) ).
> Zope Complains about this code, telling me, not to use zapi.getView() but 
> zapi.getMultiAdapter()
> but there's no hint, what parameters to use for getMultiAdapter.
> Does anyone know the correct getMultiAdapter()-line - maybe with an 
> explaination?

The equivalent line would be:

  zapi.getMultiAdapter((object, request), Interface, name=u'')

I just recently ported my wcsite package (available on to Zope 3.1. It has code very similar
to this one and provides examples of how the deprecation warnings are
correctly avoided in Zope 3.1+.

Best regards


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