[Peter Sun, about
> Ahh.. .. I'm so sorry that I did not check that mail archive.

Not a problem -- it was a different list, and not necessarily easy to
find that old thread.

> Thanks for taking the time to reply and point me in the right direction.  
> Their
> discussion is right on point.

Except it didn't reach a conclusion, so eventually bit you too.  If
you figure out what's really happening, please let us know!  The old
thread not only didn't resolve it, it never (IIRC) even generated a
likely theory for the waitpid() failures.

BTW, you had another test (testRunIgnoresParentSignals) fail with
"spawned process failed to start in a minute".  For that one, look for
file "donothing.sh" and make sure its execute bit is set.  In some
combinations of Zope + Python, the execute bit on donothing.sh is
getting cleared, and then testRunIgnoresParentSignals spins its wheels
for a minute wating for donothing.sh to (despite its name <wink>) "do
something".  donothing.sh won't exist in the next Zope3 release.
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