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Here is another question. Suppose I'm working with a team of developers. Should we each set up our own separate Zope3 instance, and do SVN checkouts into our own separate, local /lib/ python directories inside the instance? How then would we merge any changes done in the ZODB? On the other hand, having all team members try to share a single Zope 3 instance seems unworkable...

I wrote a short treatise on this subject at http://www.plope.com/ Members/chrism/zope_collab/view that you may want to take a look at. It's written with Zope 2 in mind but the issues and mechanics remain the same.

Ok, so this kind of discussion makes me wonder how much I can do without ZODB, or at least whether I can just use the ZODB files like any other binary files in the SVN repository. Having to write scripts to regenerate them sounds like a lot of ass-ache.

Hehe. I like that description. ;-) Yes, it is. Although there is at least one tool that helps with just this called GenericSetup for Zope 2. I suspect that tool could be made to work with Zope 3 with a bit of work.

Is there any reason why I can't just check in those data.fs files into SVN along with my Python packages, so that other team members can check them out into their respective Zope instances?

No, as long as your code matches the pickles in the database binary stored in CVS. The problems start when you need to change the code in a way that makes the pickles in the database incompatible with the code; for example if you need to change the name of an instance attribute in one of your classes; the pickles have the values stored in the old attribute name and your new code expects the new attribute name. So the code fails on the old data. This is of course the same problem you have when you need to change the schema of a relational database and you have an existing database instance. That said, Zope 3 comes with a tool named "generations" that allows you to evolve database pickles in a uniform way by writing evolution scripts.

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