On Nov 29, 2005, at 10:29 PM, Duncan McGreggor wrote:
Additionally, the ability to generate a new instance of a project complete with a fresh-and-ready ZODB is of immense value when working on a project with multiple developers or teams of developers. Several times, we have saved literally days of work taking advantage of this. I'm sure others that take even better advantage of this have saved perhaps weeks.

Yes. You could also just check in a generated database into CVS and use that with some of the same benefit but FWIW, I find the biggest value in being able to review this kind of setup code is that it serves as a kind of documentation as to *how* an iinitial database got created. Also, setup code is often complex and subtle because it's "where the rubber meets the road" in a production configuration. Being able to replicate it on demand with subtle changes (like port numbers and filenames) is valuable when you want to roll out a system into production.

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