Hi Brad,

On Tue, 2005-11-29 at 21:07 -0600, Brad Allen wrote:
> Ok, so this kind of discussion makes me wonder how much I can do 
> without ZODB, or at least whether I can just use the ZODB files like 
> any other binary files in the SVN repository. Having to write scripts 
> to regenerate them sounds like a lot of ass-ache. Is there any reason 
> why I can't just check in those data.fs files into SVN along with my 
> Python packages, so that other team members can check them out into 
> their respective Zope instances?

I might be missing something but not sure why would one want to store a
database in SVN. I could understand that people doing TTW Zope 2
development would have source code in ZODB but Zope 3 does not have any
TTW development functionality at the moment and all of your source
should be on the file system.  Python scripts could automate building a
site or site utilities and I would have that sort of stuff in svn.  But
as far as persistent content goes this is more of a data
backup/migration issue.  fssync I think was mentioned on the list for
pulling content objects out of ZODB in Zope3 on the file system but not
sure if it is available yet.


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