Brad Allen wrote:

I'm looking for a better way to search and read the list archives for this list. Here are the list archives that I know about.

Text file archives:

Searchable mail archive:

Gmane provides a variety of ways to view the list, but the search options are still pretty limited.

I wish there was some way to access mailing list archives via a POP3 interface, so that I could use my mail app of choice. In my case, Eudora is my favorite app for searching and viewing mailing lists. Unfortunately, I've only got a couple of months of Zope3-users in Eudora. I haven't found that the text file archives to be easily importable.

Does anyone else on this list use Eudora? If so, I'd very much appreciate a copy of your Eudora mailbox file for the Zope3 users list.

If anyone else has thoughts on the best way to search the mailing list archives, I'd appreciate hearing about it. I'd prefer to avoid asking questions that others have already asked.

You can use
for a start and refine the query with your searchterm



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