I've got viewing of my component working and now adding works but I don't quite understand how it is working.

I have the following URL, where 'ventures' is a container of mine.


I want to display the form necessary to add a new entry to that container, so I use the ZCML tag 'browser:addform'. The writeup for the 'for' attribute of that tag in Philipp's book says:

  "Instead, add forms are registered by default for IAdding,
   the interface of the adding view (usually +)."

I'm not specifying that attribute, letting it default but does the '+' represent a 'view'? I thought 'newventure.html' was my auto-generated view? Or is a "form" something totally different from a "view", with a separate utility registry?

And am I correct that we need '+' to disambiguate the following name because otherwise in the case:


one can't tell whether 'somename' is a item "in that container" or an "view on that container"?

I wish there was a one-page description of the breakdown of a Zope 3 URL, pointing out the various special characters you might find. The two Zope 3 books introduce them gradually but lacks a "URL Ref Sheet". It would make a nice appendix in a 2nd edition of either of those books.


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