Hi all,

what the rationale of @@ anyway ? I've searched for a definition for
this in the Developer Handbook and elsewhere but it's hard to search
for @@ and view.

For insight or pointer to documentation or source to this matter I'd be very happy.

- Andreas

Adam Groszer wrote:
Hello Jeff,

Strange, now it's working, but I think I did not modify anything.
Maybe I missed a restart...

Friday, December 9, 2005, 12:21:47 PM, you wrote:

JR> Adam Groszer wrote:

I register a page with the following zcml:
     menu="zmi_views" title="View"

I can access it only through .../person01/@@index.html.

What am I missing? What do I have to do to access it as

JR> Now that's odd!  Here I can use @@index.html or index.html, @@contents.html
JR> or contents.html and view my own pages.  The @@ seems to make no difference,
JR> in the cases I'm trying.

JR> And sometimes when type in a URL to reference an object, say

JR>      http://localhost/myobject

JR> it add a /index.html suffix and displays in the browser URL widget as:

JR>      http://localhost/myobject/index.html

JR> and other times it doesn't.  Using firefox here.

JR> -Jeff

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