Chris Withers wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:

This is a matter of policy. It is straightforward to change. Many people hate @@ and the ++view++name syntax. They will often arrange their item and view
names so that they don't overlap.

How hard is it to plug in different url parsing? It's often something people want to do their own way, and as you point out, some people don't like the default ;-)

So I could have http://localhost/@@PagedView/page/20 ? The would be great.

I'm currently building a view that is displaying thousands of items. So I need a and some kind of search functionality and on top a functionality to browse page by page. So in the above example the PagedView should get an argument 'page'
with a value of 20. I think this was traverse_subpath in Zope2.

Or is this covered in a different place ?

- Andreas



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