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The problem with ZCML is not the language (XML). Writing the same description in python would not address such issues as:

- when looking at a component, how can I know how it is wired inside the application without doing a grep on 100 files? - when looking at the wires, how do I quickly get access to the components that they connect together?

I agree.  This is an issue with any system with lots of indirection.
It's even a hassle with lots of inheritence, although at least base classes
provide an avenue of search.

This is all I need in order to understand how an application is built. If it was easier to navigate between the components by following the wires, there wouldn't be such an issue with ZCML I think. Maybe a GUI, or IDE would help a lot.

Have you looked at apidoc? If not you should. It's far from perfect, but
it's a great start.  It needs more people contributing ideas.

It could also be that ZCML is cluttered with too much information that really doesn't belong there.


For instance ZCML should not be used for the application setup (for creating menus, actions, workflows, etc.) because this has nothing to do with connecting components. This could be done in python or be stored in archives in XML (.tgz, .zip, ..).

Except that these all *are* components.

Shane Hathaway wrote:
> Chris McDonough wrote:
>> I assume this means you've given up on the idea of creating a GUI
>> ZCML configuration tool, the?
> No.  In fact, I've been creating the tool for the purpose of convincing
> myself that ZCML is right, even though I still believe it's wrong. :-)
> One thing I've learned from the GUI project, however, is that its
> greatest value is being able to *query* the configuration.  It lets you
> answer questions like "where are all the views named update.html?".
> That's valuable independently of the format of ZCML.

This would be a good feature to add to apidoc.


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