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currently I'm trying to use TextIndexNG3 in Zope3. I'm able to add a
"Ting3 Index" to my catalog but there are some problems:

1. After I added a single object, the catalog statistic (Advanced-Tab)
shows    a table like this:

index     | document count | word count
textindex | 1              | 15
ting3     | 1              | 1

   Why is TextIndexNG3's wordcount 1? The object I'm trying to index
   contains 15 words.

Look yourself at the indexed content. There is now TTW support to look
at the indexed content like in Zope 2. You have to use the API for the lexicon to perform further investigations.

2. Where am I supposed to enable/disable all the ting3-features (i.e.
   stemming)? There are no configuration options when I add the index to
the    catalog.

The _real_ index implementation is in textindexng/index.py which provides access to all parameters. ting.py is a _wrapper_ around the index implementation to integrate it with Z3. It was provided by Ivo I think. The wrapper likely needs more work. Since it is a very think wrapper it should not be so hard to pass through all possible parameters..I won't work on this issue...patches and contributions are welcome.


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