Hi friends, i have a problem actually use cpsskins of svn.z3lab.org
and the zope3 of svn (svn.zope.org), whenever I want to create a
subject shows the following error:
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'newIdentifier'

after looking for, the error occurs in this file
exactly here:
class Element(Contained):
   """An element"""


   def __init__(self):
       from cpsskins.thememanager import getThemeManager
       tmutil = getThemeManager() #<--------
       self._identifier = tmutil.newIdentifier() #<--------

after proving I realize that this not giving back swum
getThemeManager() only giving back a None, this not giving back
a class, some idea?

the cpsskins for zope3, with as version of zope3 it works? with the
versión of svn?

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