I am new both to Zope3 and SQLObject, but they seem (from the
descriptions) to be natural fit. My problem is getting them work together.

My goal:

 - seamlessly use sqlobjects for business logic in Zope3 (that is, part
of the persistancy will be in MySQL db, part in ZODB). I want nice
abstraction of relational DB in the form of sqlobject python objects.

I have already installed:

 MySQLdb (to be sure)
 Zope3 (Zope 3.2b3 )
 MySQLda addon
 SQLObject (to the proper Python2.4.2 of course)

Now it looks like I need SQLOS (do I need it to my goal???)... And I am
at loss how to install in. Yes, I have read http://codespeak.net/z3/sqlos/
but it was not useful, because it doesn have INSTALL instructions.
The tgz doesnt have neither setup.py nor configure! Maybe I have not
found proper manual...

Can anybody help me please?

One more question: is the above mentioned approach STABLE at all
compared to totally ZODB or conventional usage of relational DB in Zope?
Version 0.1 of sqlos is not reassuring...


Roman Suzi

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