At 11:52 PM -0700 1/2/06, Jeff Shell wrote:
To do this properly in Zope 3, you'd want to define a browser view to
render the ZWiki page for this context, and then go to
'context/wiki/About_Downwinders/@@your_view' in the ZPT code.

tal attributes are for inserting HTML. ZPT pages render HTML out by
default. Very few other built-in objects do that on their own without
views in Zope 3.

Ok, that makes sense to a confused newbie such as myself. I guess I
should have understood about views by now, but I'm a bit slow sometimes.

At 11:52 PM -0700 1/2/06, Jeff Shell wrote:
There are a lot of ways one can go from there. In Zope 3.2, a good
solution for pages made of parts where the content of the parts comes
from ZWiki pages, you could probably use viewlets.

I haven't seen the term "viewlet" defined thus far. In this case, would
that be a view that I would create somewhere outside the zwiki package? I'd rather
not make changes to the zwiki source code itself, because that would
be difficult to merge with future releases.
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