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Hi all

My use case:
Create content type 'Portlet' that could have TAL as its content and when
watched in browser TAL should be redered. My code is below.

class PortletView:
    def renderText(self):
        portlet = IPortlet(self.context)
        format = portlet.format
        if format in ('HTML', 'Plain'):
            return portlet.getText()
        elif format == 'Structured':
            struct = structurize(portlet.getText())
            doc = DocumentWithImages()(struct)
            output = HTMLWithImages()(doc, level=1)
            return output
        elif format == 'Page Template':
            page_template = PageTemplate()
            output = page_template()
            return output

But there is a problem. When I define a variable in template and call it its
ok. But I cannot call 'context' variable (for example <div
tal:content="context/title"/>). This is my traceback.

Traceback (most recent call last):

Apply the snippet to your needs (provide proper 'context', etc.). Powodzenia ;)
If anyone knows simpler solution please share.


from TAL.TALInterpreter import TALInterpreter
from Products.PageTemplates.Expressions import getEngine
from Products.PageTemplates.PageTemplate import PageTemplate
from cStringIO import StringIO

data = {
        'test':       'Testing text',
t1='<h1 tal:content="test"></h1>'
context = getEngine().getContext(data)
buffer = StringIO()
pt = PageTemplate()
TALInterpreter(pt._v_program, pt._v_macros, context, buffer)()
macro = buffer.getvalue()
print macro

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