On 1/4/06, Benji York <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Jeff Shell wrote:
> > Viewlets are a new feature in Zope 3.2.
> They are?  I don't recall it being so (and would prefer it not).

Why not? They're great! I've been using them in a new application I've
been developing against the 3.2 betas.

I try to use only released software, and hope that these don't
languish in "something-you-must-know-how-and-where-to-checkout"
land.... Speaking of which, it's time to start lobbying for inclusion
(or release) of zc.catalog. SetIndex works like a champ for what I've
been writing.

I mean to write up my experiences working on this new little
application soon. Viewlets figure heavily into the story.
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