The <browser:defaultView> directive is not being processed consequently.
Sometimes it gets ignored.
The criterion for being ignored or not has nothing to do with absolute
or relative urls.  The difference rather seems whether the view from
which an unspecific object-view is called uses the 'view' or the 'page'
Experiment: Try to browse your content
1) from /@@index.html
2) and from /@@contents.html
and you will get the diff/e/rence.

It gets ignored for 'view'-based views as predecessors for the view in
question and is processed for 'page'-views as predecessors.

Is this intended?

(Hm, I don't get why this could be so, because http is stateless... )


PS. I apologize for my english in this mail and its predecessors,
especially for hyphenation and commas.
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