Hi there,

I'm trying to figure out the best way to implements a general
solution for tags (like tags on flickr or del.icio.us). So far
I've two different approaches, maybe someone could comment on

1) Store the tags as attributes of the particular content types.
   Searching for tagged content is handled by a catalog index.
   New tags are created by simply adding them to the object,
   a collection of tags is the set of all tags from the catalog.
   Drawbacks: centralized tag management is inefficient, e.g.
   deleting a tag implies searching for the particular tag and
   removing it from all objects it was tagged with.

2) Store tags in a local utility. The utility manages a
   tag -> intids mapping (similar to a catalog index).
   Searching for tags is easy - just query the mapping
   for appropriate keys. New tags are created by adding
   a new key to the mapping, a (weighted) collection of
   tags is the list if mapping keys.
   Drawbacks: I can't think of any right now

Has anyone done that before? Maybe I'm just reinventing the wheel...

Thanks in advance,
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