Am Freitag, 30. Dezember 2005 13:30 schrieb Philipp von Weitershausen:
> Florian Lindner wrote:
> > my first use case is that I want to enhance the HomefolderManager to make
> > it possible to select something else than a Folder to be created
> > automatically. Right now I have forked a version of the HomefolderManager
> > and just changed in the code. But I would like to have a more generic
> > solution and I'll also commit it back to the trunk.
> > For that I want all classes implementing IContainer (and IContentType ?)
> > and let the user select on in the configuration dialog of the
> > HomefolderManager. More use caess probably show up in my project later,
> > but nothing fixed at this time.
> So what you want is to create objects. Classes are just an
> implementation detail to creating objects :). Factories create objects,
> whether they're from a class is immaterial.
> So, what you want is not a list of classes but a list of factories that
> can create IContainers. This is possible by using
> zapi.getUtilitiesFor(IFactory) and then checking each factory's
> getInterfaces() method whether IContainer is a part of the returned
> result. I would probably base an implementation of all on the
> UtilityVocabulary.

I do it this way now:

            utils =  getUtilitiesFor(IFactory)
            self.objects = {}
            for i in utils:
                if IContainer in i[1].getInterfaces():

the UtilityVocabulary gives the same result as getUtilitiesFor.
But that does not list all classes, for example there is no class of the 
normal Folder.

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