What is the best for merchants to manage the product list and content of
their site?  I can certainly put in into an RDBMS, but what would be the
easiest way for them to manage their offering? Should I create a portal site
for them or should I allow them into the ZMI in some way?  Based upon the
varied needs of the merchants, I would like to let them into the ZMI, and
see their products as instances under their site.

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> Thanks.
> The basic use cases are as follows:
> Shoppers can "browse products by category"
> Shoppers can "search for products"
> Shoppers can "add products to cart"
> Merchants can "import product lists from Excel/Text file"
> Merchants can "manually edit products"
> We expect to service 1M purchase transactions a year, and expect to
> service 1000 merchants.

I would go for a RDBMS.


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