David Johnson wrote:

Thanks to everyone for the MySQL assistance. We use Debian and I just installed the python-mysqlda (seems obvious in retrospect).

In any case, after I install the python adapater, I get the following when starting zope:

ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'menu', "ImportError: Couldn't import add_connection, No module named add_connection")

I think there used to be an "add_connection" menu provided by zope.app.rdb, and I imagine it had a purpose for ttw development. It's gone as of Zope 3.2 (maybe earlier), so what has worked for me is commenting-out or removing the configuration in mysqldbda/configure.zcml:

<!-- Menu entry for "add connection" menu -->
<!--  <browser:menuItem
     title="MySQL DA"
     description="A MySQL Database Adapter"

BTW, psycopgda has a similar configuration entry, and might need the same fix.

-Jim Washington
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