I know I’ve asked this before, but I still have to question whether Zope 3 is ready for a production environment.  I REALLY do not wish to be difficult, and I love the concept of Zope 3.  I think it may be the greatest thing since Linux. 


The documentation is not well defined, which makes deployment dangerous because one may produce an application that does not conform to future releases of Zope.  Configuration is done through a series of configuration files, which are easily broken and difficult to traverse.  If the configuration is damaged in someway through a mistake or other reason, the server will not restart until it is fixed, which presents serious challenges in a production environment – in the heat of the moment, wading through errors is not trivial, especially for the non-Zope experienced system admin who will be on call at 2:00 AM.  The errors are difficult to comprehend and do not easily point out where problems lie.  Once problems are found it is difficult to understand what they mean. 


I can only find one semi real-world Zope 3 example (the SIP application), and it does not even run under Zope 3.2; while I’ve been able to wade through and fix many errors, I continue to get more as the interfaces and standards keep changing. Even the current i18n facility does not seem to work properly, editing messages frequently gives errors and does not update properly.  Errors in general seem to give unexplainable results.


I do see many advantages to Zope 3 and I am willing to tolerate a lot because of those advantages, but it seems like it not quite polished yet, and there may be some architectural issues that are problematic for real-world use. 


Has anyone produced a significant application in Zope 3? Has it been relatively bug-free?  Has it integrated with an RDBMS?





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