The purpose is because I'm trying to be open-minded and perhaps I'm not
understanding something about it.  I am frequently in error, and I know
better than to state my opinion as fact.  

It has been claimed that Zope 3 is ready for production.  I would like to
politely disagree, and maybe even suggest that the claim be remoked.  I feel
bad for people who want to use Zope 3, later finding out that they cannot do
what they want, or putting up sites which are unstable, and giving the
project a bad reputation.  Overall, it's really just a standards thing.     
In regards to fixing things, I agree.  My next step is to figure out how to

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> I know I've asked this before, but I still have to question whether Zope 3
> is ready for a production environment.

I don't understand the purpose of this post. If you don't think it's
ready, then don't use it. If you think it's ready, then please go
ahead. If you can come up with ways to improve what you think are weak
points, then please do so.

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