Stephan Richter wrote:
On Saturday 14 January 2006 12:27, David Johnson wrote:

It has been claimed that Zope 3 is ready for production.  I would like to
politely disagree, and maybe even suggest that the claim be remoked.  I
feel bad for people who want to use Zope 3, later finding out that they
cannot do what they want, or putting up sites which are unstable, and
giving the project a bad reputation.  Overall, it's really just a standards

Okay, so that's you opinion. Several companies use Zoep 3 very successfully in production, so they clearly have a different opinion. I doubt that you can change the developers' minds about that.

To be fair, "ready for producton" is not exactly crisp.  People with sufficient
knowledge are running it in production, and therefore it's fair to say it is 
It is still a new and somewhat immature system.


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