Christopher Mann wrote:
> I'd like to specifiy which of my many IPs Zope 3 is to listen to.
> How do I do that ?
> Is it in may zope.conf ?
> in zope 2 it may have been IP_ADDRESS, but things seem different in this
> config file (everything is lowercase, and there is pseudo-xml).

Zope 2 and Zope 3 share the same type of configuration file (zope.conf).
Their syntax (pseudo XML) is modelled after the Apache configuration
file syntax. Many web developers are familiar with that format.

That said, the way to make the HTTP server listen on a specific IP
address is specified with the 'address' key in a <server> section, e.g.:

  type HTTP

> Is there anywhere I can find documentation on the zope.conf in Zope 3 (I
> haven't found any).

There aren't any detailed docs I'm afraid. But then again, most of
what's in zope.conf is self-explanatory. I guess this particular thing

You're welcome to contribute a document explaining zope.conf in a
better, more detailed way.

> I'm assuming that Plon is compatible with Zope 3, by the way.

Then you're assuming wrong. Plone docs clearly state which versions it
is compatible with and Zope 3 is not among them. Zope 3 also clearly
states that it can't run Zope 2 applications.


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