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I want to create an instance of a class that does not reside in the Zope DB, and yet manage it through the ZMI.


That is what I have done so far.  I created a package called “customers”, which has an instance in the Zope DB.  It has a view which lists all customers from an RDBMS. It creates a link for each customer with the customer ID embedded in it.


I would like to create, on the fly, a customer instance from the customer ID in the URL.  Based upon the ID I could set all the attributes of the instance by loading it from a database.


Anyone have ideas on the best way to do this?  What should the URL be? How does the class get instantiated and be provided with the customer ID?  Should I put the customer ID in the URL path?  Should I pass it to some other instance in query string (such as “customer?cid=123”)?


I might be a little confused on my terminology.  



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