On 1/18/06, Roman Susi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I am intrested in making CalCore to work Zope3, however, I have not
> found anything that says CalCore can work inside Zope3 fo rnow.

CalCore is a Zope 3 based product, so that works just fine.

> Are there any plans on this if anybody knows? Is it easy to DIY?

Plans, yes. Timeframe no.

To use CalCore under Zope 3, you need two local utilities, one
storage, and a user interface. The easiest way to go is probably to
start with CalZope, which does this for Zope 2. It's built with Five,
and most of the browser directory in that product should be easily
portable to Zope 3, at least providing an instant user interface. ;)

I'd be happy to help doing this, but I have to first fix a CMF 2.0
thing, then work a bit on CalPlone (the plone integration for CalZope)
and then I could put some effort into this. So Not before february, at

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